Senin, 13 Desember 2010

They send back my money

Setelah melalui proses berbelit tentang tabung laser yang rusak itu....hari ini akhirnya kami dapat kepastian bahwa uang kami telah dikembalikan via Pay pall sebesar yang kami bayarkan.

Saya sangat bersyukur karena masih ada kebaikan hati sehingga kami bisa memakai uang tersebut untuk membeli tabung laser yang baru.

Untuk semua ketidaknyamanan yang telah terjadi, bahkan apabila saya sudah memaki-maki Shanghai Zurong ...saya minta maaf, semoga lain kali tidak ada lagi buyer/supplier yang mengalami kerugian dalam bentuk apa pun. Mengingat uang yang dikumpulkan juga merupakan kerja keras dan kesungguhan hati.

Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Acrylic laser cutting for Rejeki Langgeng

Acrylic letter

We accept orders for manufacturing pieces of letters according to your design, confirm to us for the raw material of your choice. Contact us

Wood Engraving

Tambah Gambar

Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Nick & Vera's Wedding

Our Wedding fountain got out of the country, Australia. Based on stories from our customers, many guests from China and Vietnam are interested in wedding fountain, and they call it the "love water" . It is also fun to hear the reaction of the guests there...

By the way, Congratulation to Nick & Vera ... congratulations to take new life and always happy.

Thank you to Mr Tan Thiam Chye & Mrs. Phoa Ay Kie who want to carry our wedding fountain there.

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Regret buying goods from China via Alibaba

As of 13 November 2010 we had the approval of the purchase of a CO2 laser tube via Alibaba. And the company we chose is the Shanghai Zurong Photoelectronic Technology Co.., Ltd. with a sales contact Mr. King Bo.

We deal to purchase 1 piece of CO2 laser tube for $ 250 and shipping via DHL for $ 210. Packing anti break- wooden pallets because of the content of glass tube. The deal after we pay via Paypall, 3-4 days later we will receive our orders. And for 3-4 days that we try to always ask for DHL track number, but not given. In fact, we received a fake email f
rom DHL, that after we confirm to DHL, they suggested to be removed due to suspected attachments contain computer viruses.

We also continue to contact Mr. King Bo via web chat with Alibaba Trade manager or to his email to obtain DHL shipping track number. Then he promised to send back, and finally gave DHL number 4001 236 853. These numbers can we tra
ck it online, we're a bit relieved.

On 30 November, the goods are expected to come eventually. DHL send up to our house.
But we're a little suspicious, because the packing of the laser just a cardboard tube. So we photographed since the package ha
s not been opened, when we opened it, the inside is only propped up foam. And even worse, our laser tube has been shattered.

We immediately reported to DHL and to contact Mr. King Bo. We send these photos to their email, but Mr. King Bo instead blamed the DHL and told us to make a claim themselves.

DHL parties still give good response, ask us to send the photos of these articles, and then attempt to take care of claims. Although they also stated, that the sender who filed a claim for damages.

That afternoon, we tried to keep talking to Mr. King Bo about packing that is not appropriate and the damage, replacement of the goods even ask for money back. but he does not respond even disappear from the chat.

Today we filed a complaint to paypall and also to Alibaba. Because we could not have proof of a print that we have paid an amount of $ 460 to the Shanghai Zurong.

Very annoying, and we feel ch
eated by the Chinese seller. Some friends say that that's when buying goods from China, most of them are a liar. After they receive money, they will disappear. How does the seller like that can exist in Alibaba? And what about our fate? As a buyer who had paid them just like they said, a waste of time to wait and get the goods broken? And we still choose the expedition that is recognized worldwide that is DHL?

My husband said, let it be .... but I can not accept it. We collect money from our profits to buy the laser tube so we could work again. And because waiting for the tube, much of our work is hampered. We worked well not deceive customers, we tried to keep our customers satisfied, because they are satisfied with us can survive.

But Mr King Bo? I will remember it and hope he also kind enough not to be cheater.