Minggu, 21 November 2010

PT Karya Bahari Abadi Awards

Orders from PT Karya Bahari Abadi & Yamaha Marine dealers for meeting in Bali, December 2010. Total orders for this meeting 16 awards, with different dealers name.

Thank you to PTKBA (up Miss Nevi)

Selasa, 16 November 2010

Animal Diorama

One day we got a miniature animals of the Chinese ceramic material.
The idea is to make a small farm with miniature animals are combined with a felt cloth.

Then so that each cage has a privilege, we create a box of acrylic material.

The result, extraordinary ..... it's fun!

Thank you to Fandy and Ivanny for the mini animals...

Jumbo Tailor award

Birthday gift for Peter Sentot, Tailor Jumbo owners.

Wedding awards to one of the Peter Sentot's relatives.
Have a happy wedding

Eva & David wedding's souvenirs

Working closely with Kadus-Kaduz

This wedding souvenir album of photographs, the bride is like a butterfly, so we create an image of a butterfly and cut to fit the pattern.

Thank you to Kadus-Kaduz
Congratulation to Eva and David

Are you interested?

Please contact us at:
email: iwaxgedhe@yahoo.com
Phone: 024 70933598 (Boni Kristian) or 081 914 5079 76 (Krisna Setiawan)

IELC pen holder

Orders from IELC Solo, one of the English language course in Solo.
As a reward for his students in the form of a pencil engraved name IELC

Are you interested?

Please contact us at:
email: iwaxgedhe@yahoo.com
Phone: 024 70933598 (Boni Kristian) or 081 914 5079 76 (Krisna Setiawan)

Souvenir Reuni SDL Don Bosco

Who thought that with the help of facebook, we ex-students SDL Don Bosco Semarang, could greet each other and even held a reunion after 20 years was not met.

It's amazing, normally reunion for junior high or high school students or coll
ege students, but this is a reunion of elementary school children. Previously, no cellphones, computers and even the Internet. Thank you to facebook.

And we make souvenirs for the reunion in t
he form of a memo.

Have a wonderful reunion ...

Are you interested?
Please contact us at:
email: iwaxgedhe@yahoo.com
Phone: 024 70933598 (Boni Kristian) or 081 914 5079 76 (Krisna Setiawan)

Senin, 15 November 2010

Toyota and SOLD

SOLD placard for Alexandra Deborah Jewelery

signage .....
we created in 3D for TOYOTA logos and a placard with SOLD to Deborah Alexandra jewelery.

If you are interested, please contact us at:
email: iwaxgedhe@yahoo.com
Phone: 024 70933598

Acrylic clock Me to You

Desk clock, made of acrylic and decorated with bear Me to You are made of clay.

Wedding souvenirs with affordable prices, please contact us if interested.
email: iwaxgedhe@yahoo.com
facebook: boni_kristian or Krisna Setiawan
phone : 024 70933598

Shuang Xi handphone strap

Big Fish souvenirs to the customers, they loved Shuang Xi...we loved it too

Recky and Yenti wedding's gift

They are two different human
A beautiful woman
A handsome man
in one love, their marriage becomes family

Happy wedding day to Recky and Yenti.

Acrylic frame

Acrylic photo frame using 1 cm thick and thin magnet.
Simple and began to demand by the prospective bride as a wedding gift

Foto frames

Souvenir engagement to Eva and David

Congratulation to Eva and David

The gift of a photo frame with a felt cloth, for the birth of boys.
Congratulation for Cici & Nico

Acrylic coaster

Of acrylic coasters, my husband made for leisure is not too bad ... right?

Can be used to set wedding souvenirs, if you like just contact us....

Great Scale box

Order acrylic box this time to complete the scales of gold. We are become understood that to compare the gold using water, so the boxes should not be leaking.

Due to be filled with water ...
not bad if filled with water and put our pet turtles inside it.

They are swimming happilly.

4 CS

Order the following from a jewelry store and gem stones, they need a board that contains information about diamonds.

Thanks to ALexandra Deborah - Semarang

2 color in 1 wedding fountain

In posting this one we wanted to show a wedding fountain with 2 different colors.

Philosophy is requested from the event organizer is 2 hearts, 2 living, 2 men to 1.
What a great idea from Wangsit EO

Wedding fountain leak test because it uses 2 colors

It's very nice to know that we can complete the order properly. Thank you to Wangsit EO